The premier of the 'Death at Sea' film detailing the circumstances around fisheries observer safety, security and wellbeing, including the unexplained death of Kiribati fisheries observer, Eritara Aati Kaierua, on 5 March 2020 onboard the Taiwanese flagged fishing vessel WIN FAR NO.636 in Pacific waters will take place in London 30 January 2024.

“I sobbed so severely thinking and imagining the pain he went through, how he had struggled to fight for his life, and what could have been the last thoughts on his mind before he lost his life. I felt sorry for him so badly knowing he was alone and had no means to call for help.” Takarara Aati Kaierua

The debut film by filmmaker Sara Pipernos is inspired by the investigation work undertaken by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) since 2019 into unexplained deaths and disappearances of fisheries observers. This has been undertaken alongside ongoing exposure and advocacy by staff at WWF New Zealand, the Association for Professional Observers (APO), the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) and alongside several international news article.

The HRAS investigation examined the circumstances surrounding Eritara's untimely death, the levels of engagement by Kiribati authorities and highlights 26 outstanding questions and areas of query into the subsequent conduct of the investigation which to date, remain inconclusive and fails to provide necessary closure for the family.

Sara Pipernos commented: "Nicky and Tekarara, Eritara's sister and wife, have been fighting tirelessly for so long, overcoming hurdle after hurdle. Yet they still don't have the answers they deserve surrounding Eritara's death. All I want is for this film, and its upcoming premiere, to elevate their story and a prompt a resurgence in the investigation, along with advocating for the safety of observers at sea.”

Executive Director, Human Rights at Sea International, David Hammond said: "It has been a longstanding drive for transparency, accountability and ultimately, justice for Eritara's family. It remains challenging to gain access to, and acheive engagement, with Kiribati authorities. Nonetheless, collectively we are determined to continue this work to its conclusion."


Screening Details and Call to Action:

•          Date: 30.01.2024

•          Time: 6:30 pm

•          Location: Everyman, London, Kings Cross

The screening of "Death at Sea" aims to bring attention to Eritara's case and serves as a powerful plea for justice, not just for Eritara but for all those navigating the world's seas and oceans.

Special thanks to the Sustainable Fisheries and Communities Trust (SFACT) for supporting the investigation and the Blue Marine Foundation and Pew Charitable Trusts for making this impactful film possible. 

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