Partner Packages

Our packaged solutions give you access to our consultancy services for an entire year, so you receive the ongoing support that your business needs. This means that you have trusted and dedicated support, no matter what the issue.

These packages are designed to ensure your business is legally compliant, managing risk, and implementing best practice, thus giving you much needed peace of mind. 

Fixed Annual Fee

Our packages are charged at an annual fixed fee, with monthly payment options available. We offer three levels of support packages, meaning that you can secure the level of support that you need. 

Our packaged solutions offer:
  1. Diagnostic. Measuring, defining, and analysing your current business state against your desired state, then establishing a holistic action plan to move forwards.
  2. Solution design. Our consultants create your bespoke support package to meet your needs. This typically involves producing policies and reports and involving senior leadership in coaching, mentoring and workshops.
  3. Effective implementation. Our bespoke support ensures you have the sufficient support, understanding, and confidence to effectively implement and monitor these changes so that you can champion social responsibility and sustainable business.
  4. Ongoing support. Issues inevitably arise in all businesses, especially those which operate in the maritime environment. We will be on hand to if problems and issues arise to provide expert guidance and support. 
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