Human Rights at Sea International will attend and speak at the Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, a European and international-focused event bringing together seafood industry professionals, retailers, suppliers and civil society on 23-25 April 2024 in Barcelona, Spain. 

Seafood businesses continue to take an increasingly strong interest in incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices into their work, a position that is reflected by the many sessions concerning rights protections at sea.

The Seafood Ethics Action Alliance (SEA Alliance), a collaboration between retailers and seafood businesses aimed at strengthening human rights across the seafood industry, is hosting a breakout session, ‘Bridging the Gap – Business Engagement on Human Rights.’ 

The event’s panel, which includes HRAS International’s Executive Director David Hammond, will discuss how seafood businesses can support and strengthen Human Rights Due Diligence through advocacy and direct action at both a corporate and worker level.

Other discussions at the expo include topics such as ‘Learning From the Experiences of Companies Engaging in Human Rights Due Diligence,’ ‘Crew Well-Being on Fishing Vessels: How Can the Market Provide Assurance of Best Practice and Support Change?’ and ‘The Catch in Your Catch: Practical Guidance On Keeping Labor Abuse Out of Your Seafood.’ 

Each of these sessions touch on the importance of enforceability, traceability, and transparency in fisheries, along with emerging frameworks that help businesses embrace human rights best practices. 

The message is clear: seafood businesses and associated supply and value chains want to source and supply ethically caught seafood that assures not just environmental, but human sustainability. 

HRAS International is at the forefront of this effort alongside fellow business and civil society stakeholders, working to ensure businesses meet and exceed human rights standards. 

From businesses to state-level engagement, HRAS International develops and guides initiatives that raise awareness, advance policy, and help clients meet their ESG goals. 

There is no single solution to achieving human rights protections at sea, but when businesses understand the importance of their role in building an ethical supply chain, the maritime space becomes a safer and just working environment.

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