Human Rights at Sea International is delighted to be intimately supporting the rollout of the new Progressive Crew Career Programme (PCCP) as part of a new drive to inform, educate and de-risk the superyacht crew environment.

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As part of the focus to drive up standards, the new online PCCP platform provides easy, low cost and immediate access to the essential educational tools needed by new crew.

Initiated in response to operational difficulties that stemmed from a scarcity of crew members who were knowledgeable about yacht roles, requirements, and realities on board. 

Many crew members, drawn by misleading promises from maritime training providers and the allure of easy jobs, lacked the necessary understanding, leading to operational struggles and safety concerns. 

Realizing this gap, the programme was designed to address two critical needs:

  • A robust interview tool to filter serious industry candidates.
  • A comprehensive training system ensuring real-world readiness while maintain engagement and knowledge retention.
Loss Prevention

Loss prevention for the marine insurance industry is a key element of this initiative, which is deliberately limited in individual cost to avoid direct financial exploitation of new and aspiring crew. It further targets crew rights awareness and understanding of well-being, mental health and necessary fundamental protections from Human Rights at Sea International's embedded training programme.

For owners and insurers, the potential to reduce premiums by using crew educated and selected through this process is now opening up.

Key Elements
  • PCCP serves as a means to mitigate industry risks, provide education and awareness, and benefit both new entrants and established crew members.
  • Partnership with Human Rights at Sea International emphasizes collective efforts to fortify the industry through scoail investment in crew. 
  • PCCP's mission is to transform the entry process for new crew, promoting informed decision-making and combating exploitation.
  • PCCP is not just about training; it's about reshaping the industry landscape, ensuring fairness, and empowering new crew members to thrive.
  • By providing foundational knowledge (Make Your Own Way), practical experience (Safe Passage to the Industry), and long-term apprenticeship opportunities (3-year Apprenticeship), PCCP aims at advancing the yachting and superyacht industry by creating a sustainable and skilled workforce.
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