In a recent and rapidly-moving incident off the UAE coast an Indian seafarer subject to threats to his life requested HRAS International intervention.

Alerting HRAS International by email, the Indian national requested urgent support while in a clearly distressed state.

We were pleased to have been able to immediately pass the details to authorities through key local contacts and international welfare providers.

The seafarer and his fellow crew were identified as having been subject to unacceptable threats, had had their human rights abused, though were quickly safeguarded.

It was understood that outstanding wages were also due to the crew.

HRAS International is pleased to report that the seafarer in question is safe and well, that the crew were repatriated, and outstanding wages settled.

Executive Director, David Hammond, said: "While we are not a welfare organisation, there was absolutely no question of us not supporting the crew through the use of our extensive global shippping and welfare network."