Opening the conference pleanary fireside chat titled "Can More be Done to Improve Human Rights at Sea" over 70% of respondents in a packed conference room voted for complete transparency across the marine insurance sector for cases of abuse.

The 2024 Marine Insurance London event held at 155 Bishopsgate conference centre was underpinned by a packed agenda, importantly, with a specific focus on human rights protections at sea.

Led by lawyer, Danielle Datta of the IG P&I Secretariat interviewing David Hammond, Executive Director of Human Rights at Sea International, key issues around improving protections at sea were discussed in open forum.

Marine Insurance London 2024

Starting with the first of two inquiring questions, open voting led to a majority in excess of 70% response stating that the industry must be 'completely transparent at all times'.

Q. How transparent should the shipping industry be in exposing known cases of abuse occurring at sea?

  1. Completely transparent at all times.
  2. As required on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Only on a redacted basis that does not name or shame.
  4. No requirement for transparency.

Follow on questions rasied included asking what specifically is the problem when it comes to protecting human rights at sea, what was the process of drafting and reasoning behind the Geneva Declaration on Human Rights at Sea, the issues which affect seafarers such as abandonment, the 'S' in ESG, the question of transparency from the new IMO Secretary General and how it applies to human rights protections, and concrete actions the industry should take.

Call to Action

Mrs Datta asked "In terms of concrete action, what should we, as an industry, being doing? What would you like to see from the people sitting in this room today? What is your call to action today?"
In response, David Hammond suggested that the industry should mainstream the principles and language of human rights at sea, actively promote transparency and accountability throughout the business structure and related supply chains, not marginalise worker’s voice and do not treat human rights protections as just the “S” in ESG. He highlighted that human rights are a whole state and business requirement to protect everyone’s fundamental rights, without exception. 


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